If your life is not a dream can you remember the start of it?Just like the dreamland,

You manifest your own life.

Just like the dreamland,

You take control of your life only if you’re aware!

Awakened in life!

So, Wake up yo!!

Be aware!

This is your dream!

This is your life!

Take control, be what you want to be, do what you want to do! 

Creation is life’s purpose!

Creation is the reason existence exists!

We are a product of creation,

A part of creation,

Our purpose is creation!
We constantly create different worlds in this dreamland, 

One Small dreamworld with the love of your life,

One with the family,

One with friends,

one with work

And one with yourself.
For every dreamworld,

You enter a different time space.

Like, 3 hours spent with your loved one will fly like 30 seconds.

And 3 hours spent with boss in the office will take a life time to be spent.
That means, the relativity of your Time is directly proportionate to your sufferings.
Which means, your time and my time right now is different.

As your sufferings can by my pleasures.
So less the sufferings, above and beyond the time you reach.

Ageless!! Timeless!!!


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